600 South Mission Street, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858, United States

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Stained Glass: Supplies, Custom Orders, Repairs, and Classes

About Us

Creatively! Glass & more work space with Jean (the owner).

Glass Sheets

We offer over 600 colors and textures of glass including: 

  • Armstrong
  • Bullseye (over 100 colors and textures)
  • Kokomo (over 50 colors and textures)
  • Oceanside/Spectrum (over 250 colors and textures)
  • Oceanside/Uroboros
  • Van Gogh
  • Wissmch (over 50 colors and textures): English Muffle and VIctorian Mottle
  • Youghiogheny

As well as glue chip, GNA, St. Gobain, Oceana, Optimum, Pilkington, and Gecko (when its gone, its gone).

Glass and Jewelry Supplies

  • We carry many Studio One etched bevel shapes and bevel clusters.
  • We have a variety of pattern books and individual patterns available for purchase.
  • We stock a variety of jewelry findings, glass beads, jewels, and Swarovski crystals.

Tools and Equipment

  • Tools and equipment we carry include brands such as Toyo, Gemini, Weller, Hakko, Glass Pro, Morton, Glastar, and more. We have every item necessary for stained glass work.
  • Our chemicals available include cleaners, patinas, etch cream, fusing chemicals, and polishes.
  • Metals available include 3m VentureTape, copper foils, copper sheeting, Canfield and Glasspro solders, zinc/copper/brass/lead came, filigree, and several cast metals bodies for winged creations.

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Slumping forms
  • Mosaic molds
  • Wrought iron display stands
  • Wooden boxes
  • Lamp making supplies
  • Etched glass designs
  • Beveled glass shapes and clusters
  • Clock hardware
  • Kits for kaleidoscopes


We welcome volunteers to help with cleaning, inventory, and other tasks that arise throughout the year. In exchange for your time, you can earn free studio time or possibly discounted classes and workshops. Call, email, or stop in to learn more about how you can help


  1. Do you ship? No. 
    1. We are a small business without the space necessary to pack items safely to ship.
    2. Glass can be highly varied depending on lighting, texture, and several other factors. Experienced artists and crafters often prefer to select their glass pieces in person so there are no surprises.
    3. Custom orders require an in person approval before we begin and a final visit to the store to pick up when finished.
    4. A few of our small finished items are available on Etsy and will be shipped when ordered there.
  2. Do you make all of the finished pieces? Yes.
    1. Most of our finished items have been made here either by current or past employees. We have a few items that were bought elsewhere, when they are gone we will not be buying more.

Other Information

Open Studio Wednesdays 6 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

Space is limited so be sure to register, $13 payment is due at the start of the session. This is for anyone with experience working with stained glass or other glass projects. If you just want to meet with other glass artists or borrow some of our equipment, you can drop in to this session.  You can schedule an open studio time on other days of the week, please contact us for more information.

Kiln Rental

The kiln can be used to create fused glass projects or slump bottles. There is a limit of 5 bottles per rental. The cost is $25 for 3 to 5 bottles. If used for 1 or 2 bottle the cost is flexible.

Crochet on Consignment

Speak to Jean about afghans, baby blankets, and little girl dresses. Pattern and colors can be chosen at that time. Jean is available in store - best days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

Other Items

  • Hand carved walking staffs are available for $45.
  • Small crochet items can be found throughout the store.
  • Frames for photos or stained glass work can be found at various prices.

Michigan Nature Photos

We also sell framed photos of Michigan nature. These photos were taken at various locations around the state of Michigan and range from $25 to $55.